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1. Install the extensions

Easy install in one click, free.

2. Open LinkedIn

You will see that the extensions will be activated.

3. Write your leads message

A welcome message with a Call To Action or a question is the best way to start a conversation.

4. See the magic happen

Let the extensions running while you are doing other things. The extensions will accept the connection and send a message for you.

Every week, I get +100 connections...

LinkedIn friend count

But I don't have the time to accept and send a message to everyone.

1. Because the LinkedIn UI is awful

2. Because it takes too much time

But the connection is a real opportunity to get new leads!

If you send a message with your lead magnet or a question, you will increase your chance to get a new customer!

LinkedIn friend count

My email list is growing every time I run the extensions.

This automation makes me save 4 hours per week and get new leads that get me +$1000 per month.

Fair pricing.

$50 - one-time

Get access to the extensions for life and get all the updates.

Free trial of 1 day

Infinite connection requests

All future updates

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